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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photography By Moni - Etsy Feature

I really need to get on the ball with these features! After the last feature I've decided to start asking a few questions to my featurees. Today I'd like you to meet Moni who runs a shop on Etsy called "Photography by Moni". She is a photographer (if you hadn't guessed it) and also creates artistic soaps! (It should be noted here that Christmas is coming up and Moni is welcome to send me some soap;D) I had a very hard time choosing the images I wanted to feature here, let me tell you.

Look at the pure artistry of this! I could stare at this image for hours. Literally. The blue of the wings, the focus. It's just beautiful.

Wow. I am taken away by this shot! To be that close to such an amazing creature...I can't believe how wonderful that would be. It's a humpback in case you were wondering.

I am in love with this piece. It tells such a story. I feel a sense of loss and hardship, but also a certain calm and peace. There is resolution and yet conflict builds with the dark clouds.

I want this soap. Seriously. Look at it! Have you ever seen such beautiful soap? It looks so luxurious! Moni, you are a talented lady.

ASHLEY: How long have you been a photographer?

MONI: I started playing with a simple point-and-shoot camera in the mid-80's, but nothing serious. Dabbling in it for a bit here and there until I bought my first Digital Camera in about 1998. Now, it's a serious addiction and I can often be seen running through the outdoors with my D200 in my hand.

ASHLEY: If you could do anything in your lifetime, no matter how impossible, what would it be?

MONI: Go on a field trip with Ansel Adams.

ASHLEY: What inspires you the most?

MONI: I would say I find inspiration in many places but especially when I kayak on a quiet lake early in the morning or when I roam through the Rainforest on the West Coast of British Columbia.

(I am extremely jealous. She gets to kayak on a quiet lake and roam through Rainforests? No fair. This woman is amazing.)
ASHLEY: John or Kate Gosselin?

MONI: who? lol. No, seriously; both of them don't interest me and I cringe every time I see either of them on TV or at the Check-out of a supermarket. I find Dr. Jane Goodall much more interesting ;)

(I'm with you! I have fear of monkeys though so I'll watch from a distance.)

Want to see more? Go to Photography By Moni's shop and check out the rest of her work! You won't be sorry. You can also follow her blog at

Come back tomorrow to read all about one of Etsy's most talented jewelry artists!

In My Own Perfect World,


P.S. Thank you so much for allowing me to feature you Moni!

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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! What an honor it is to have been featured. :)