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Friday, August 27, 2010

Eco Fairy Gifts - Etsy Feature

School is exceedingly boring. My teachers never shut up. Seriously. It's not even about the class, it's about their lives. Make-up class seems promising though. I'm going to be taking pictues to share! In my family news, my dad is now captain of the "I Am a Dick and My Children Will Need Therapy For the Rest of Their Lives" club. The good news is that will be a great topic for a book when I'm rich and famous!

On with the feature, right? :D

Today's feature is my good internet friend Kindy who runs a shop called "Eco Fairy Gifts".

Awww so cute!! Look at the ickle ducky!! Forget the kiddos I'm taking this to the bath with ME! This is soap if you didn't know. Except the ducky. The ducky is rubber.

What could be better than a cup of chocolate cappuchino? Um, how about soap that makes YOU smell like a chocolate cappuchino? Oooh yeah.

Oooh lemon zest sugar scrub! Doesn't that sound relaxing? Scrub your body with some citrus! Free shipping too! You can't beat that!

Harvest Moon bath fizzies just in time for All Hallows Eve;D This was made with all natural ingredients and is said to clear toxins from the body! It sure looks wonderful!

ASHLEY: How long have you been an artist?

KINDY: I have been an artist for about 15 years and love art. I have tried many other professions and seem to always come back to my artistic talents. Painting is a huge part of my life, including drawing and jewelry making. I am also trying my hand at soap making it has become a very quick and fun thing for me and my husband is even getting in on it.


ASHLEY: If you could do anything in your lifetime, no matter how impossible, what would it be?

KINDY: I would love to have my very own shop outside of etsy where I could meet customers have them come in and enjoy my many art talents and be able to see close up how far I have come. My dream is to make $100,000 in a year and see where it goes from there.

ASHLEY: What inspires you the most?

KINDY: My family is my inspiration as I do everything I do because of them. I have a beautiful little 5 year old boy and a absolutely wonderful husband that is lately been my greatest inspiration. My husband has allowed me to grow my many business and become a huge part of getting me going and thinking about what I need to make next.

ASHLEY: Doritos or Lays?

KINDY: I have to say lays!!! Lol I like the texture what can I say lol

(Yeah! Lays rock my socks.:D)

Want to see more? Visit her shop at Eco Fairy Gifts on Etsy!

In My Own Perfect World,


DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor do I claim that the bath fizzy will take toxins from your body. I will not be held liable if they do not.

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