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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Own Perfect World

I want to talk a little about me. I’m 19 years old, nearly 20 and I am an avid Harry Potter fan. In fact, that’s what most of my friends and people in this town know me as. The Harry Potter girl. If you were asked to mention one glaring detail about me that is probably what you would say. That girl Ashley is obsessed with Harry Potter. Is that all they know? Is that all I’ve come to share about myself? No. If they truly knew me they would see someone who is more complex than that. Sure I love Harry Potter with a deep, soul-gnawing passion that has yet to be rivalled, but I wish people would look at me as more than that. I am an excellent singer. My voice has been known to bring people to tears…No, not because it causes their noses to bleed thank you very much. I love to act. I love books. Oh goodness! Don’t get me started on books! My whole closet is full right now…And so are my shelves. I won’t even begin to tell you what you’ll find under my bed. I read poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, and anything I find interesting. Aside from my love of Harry Potter I am the go-to girl when it comes to anything based on “The Lovely Bones”. I can quote entire passages from the books from memory. Try me. I am hopelessly in love with Stanley Tucci. It’s that bald head that gets to me. I love Starbucks and no matter how poor I may be I will dish out $5 for a cup of white mocha. Mind you, it’s nearly Summer and I’ll only drink Green Tea Lattes right now. I have two dachshunds. My babies. Their names are Ginny and Luna…Hm…Wonder where those names came from…? I also have fish named Tom Riddle. He’s currently plotting world domination from the confines of his fish bowl. What else…? I have a life-sized standup of Ron Weasley. I was interviewed on the news with him at the HBP movie release. Yes, I’m one of those nerds who goes to the events in full costume. I’ve even crashed a few Twilight events. Oh how I loathe Twilight…And back to me now. I have a little sister named Lindsey who is blonde. Very blonde. Not stupid, but her hair is nearly white. She graduates from high school in three days. Exciting stuff! We get along very well. I drive a black PT Cruiser that has a license plate holder reading “HOGWARTS EXPRESS”. My bumper sticker reads “Thespians Do it On Stage.” Yes! I’m a member of ITS! I live at home with my parents and my grandma is visiting us right now. I just suddenly decided to start this blog today. Impulse, I guess you’d call it. It’s kind of nice to just rant though, I must say. I have a website, I moderate on another, and I have an etsy account. I’ll be linking all of them through here once I get everything in order. I am a proud Christian (non-denominational). Right now I’m not attending any church as I haven’t found one I really like. I don’t appreciate being told how to believe and/or worship. I will try to keep this thing updated for myself and anyone else who may stumble in. As Susie Salmon would say:

I’m Alive in My Own Perfect World,


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