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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miss Violet Lace - Etsy Feature and Giveaway

Hello to all of my adoring fans out there! *cough cough*
Today I'm going to share with you a shop that I found while perusing Etsy for wigs! I need a new one...okay so I don't "need" it persay, but I want it with a deep, soul gnawing passion. I stumbled across this shop and here's what I found:

Some of the most realistic looking wigs made from Kanekalon fibers I have ever seen! The shop is called Miss Violet Lace and you can find it on Etsy (links will be posted later). Let's have a look inside, what do you say?

It's purple! Just in case you couldn't tell...I never know. ;D I love this wig, the styling and color is great! I think this is my absolute favourite from her shop. It's so me. And that ice cream isn't bad looking either! Heh heh.

This is the color of my actual hair so I thought it was fitting to show how natural her colors and styling can be. It's not easy to make a more natural hair color look...well...natural as a wig. I love that she used blue  and purple eyeshadow for this image. Aside from green, those colors reeeally make the auburn pop! And her skin tone is so lovely!

She also has a few fun pieces like this! Look at how whimsical that is! And again, the makeup and her eyes (I'm thinking those are contacts, if not I am jealous) really sell the piece. She has such an enchanting face that it really brings you into the magic of the piece. It's so mischievious. I love how fluffy it is. I really want to play with it.

This is a fun, short style! I love it! So vibrant! The colors on these wigs are really amazing. These wigs are supposed to be extra thick, which is great especially in a shorter wig. I sometimes have problems hiding my hair when the wigs are too thin.

But she doesn't just do wigs!

Look at this!

She makes her own hair perfume! Isn't that adorable?! It's supposed to make your hair/wig smell awesome while helping to detangle.
Gorgeous jewelry! Look at how fun and interesting this piece is. And it's on sale! I am in love. I like that she wasn't afraid to mix silver and gold tones.

She also has clip in extensions, gift sets, and wefts so that you can create your own extensions ect. for sale in her shop. There are over 100 wigs and she even takes custom orders which I find very vexing. How is a person supposed to make a choice? They are all so fabulous! Okay, I guess it's easier for me since I stick to red and purple, but for the rest of the world, what are you to do? :)

There is a 20% off sale going on in the shop, so check it out! Everything except the wefts. (The discount is already applied.)
The owners of the shop are Krista and Sandy, I have no clue which one made what so I made this very general. I hope that you all will understand that "she" refers to the artist who made each piece.

Thanks for reading, now go check them out at Miss Violet Lace on Etsy!

In My Own Perfect World,

Friday, November 5, 2010


It's Nanowrimo time again! This is my first year participating! 50,000 words in 30 days...and why? I have yet to figure that out for myself. ;D

Here is my progress meter!

This one shows my percentage and how much time I have left!

This is a word war! Chris Baty is the creator of Nano and at the moment, I am beating him! :D

Happy Nanoing!

Alive in My Own Perfect World,

Friday, October 1, 2010


The hiiiillls aaaaare aaaaliiiiiiiive! RUUUN!
Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's get on to the serious  business! I'm apart of the Copperstar Rep, which is a theatre company here in Gilbert, Arizona. Little did I know I would actually have to work! ;D I have to put together a basket for a silent auction and I thought to myself, why not do an Etsy basket? What a great way to advertise not only myself, but the people of Etsy! Yeah, I know, I'm awesome.

We're doing the Sound of Music if you didn't guess by now;) I'm a nun!

As far as donations go, I am the only one who has donated. I'm including two bags of bath salts (Lavender Rose and Green Tea Melon). I am looking for bath items, edibles, journals, hair pieces, jewelry, ect. Think women for this basket. It doesn't all have to be bath items. Gift certificates are great too!

With your donation you may also send business cards that will be included with your item in the basket. I will be taking pictures of the basket (and hopefully the winner with the basket) for you and my blog. If you'd like to donate as a trade or sale on Etsy, that is fine.

The money made from this basket will go to benefit the theatre company so that we can rent a space to perform, have costumes, sets, props, pay for lighting and techs, pay for programs, tickets, advertising, make-up artists, music directors and more!

Be apart of the theatre!

If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to contact me!

Want to know more about Copperstar? Click the image below! :)

Alive In My Own Perfect World,


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giveaway: Sharing Savings With You

It's a good day for giveaways, aye? I am extremely happy about this one. It's...wait for....FOR A HARRY POTTER SCARF!

Breathe in...breathe out....I think I'm okay now. Bah, what am I saying?! I'm squeeing like a fangirl and bouncing in my chair at 5 am! That never happens! Must...have...scarf....

I will now shamelessly post images of Harry...wearing a scarf. And some other, less important people who don't have an entire book series dedicated to them. ;D

Work it.

Oh yeah, Hermione. You go girl! Where's the Gryffindor pride Ron?

The Whiney Hosepipe wearing her house scarf which is, strangely enough, not done in the actual Ravenclaw colors.

OMG He killed Harry Potter! While sporting a Gryffindor scarf, mind you.

Deadric and Ho! Cedric and Cho! There's some Ravenclaws, a Hufflepuff, and a Gryffindor in the background as well. Photobombers.

Awesome picture! The Golden Trio looks lovely, but what's up with those Slytherins Rejects from table 4?

There is actually a point to this post and that is for you to enter the giveaway here: Sharing Savings With You
and visit her shop on etsy here: RMansker!

Good luck to you all!

In My Own Perfect World,


Giveaway: Love, Ali

Ali, owner of Royal Menagerie over on Etsy is having  a giveaway on her blog! I am uber excited! Why? Um....well, let's just see what she will be giving away:

Gorgeous!! The model and the head piece! No, the model does not come with it...At least I don't think so. ;D

You can all enter the giveaway at her blog found at Love, Ali! It's free to enter and you can enter numerous times. You'll find all of the rules in her blog. I encourage all of you to enter. If you win I will hold a grudge forever. ;D

In My Own Perfect World,


Friday, August 27, 2010

Eco Fairy Gifts - Etsy Feature

School is exceedingly boring. My teachers never shut up. Seriously. It's not even about the class, it's about their lives. Make-up class seems promising though. I'm going to be taking pictues to share! In my family news, my dad is now captain of the "I Am a Dick and My Children Will Need Therapy For the Rest of Their Lives" club. The good news is that will be a great topic for a book when I'm rich and famous!

On with the feature, right? :D

Today's feature is my good internet friend Kindy who runs a shop called "Eco Fairy Gifts".

Awww so cute!! Look at the ickle ducky!! Forget the kiddos I'm taking this to the bath with ME! This is soap if you didn't know. Except the ducky. The ducky is rubber.

What could be better than a cup of chocolate cappuchino? Um, how about soap that makes YOU smell like a chocolate cappuchino? Oooh yeah.

Oooh lemon zest sugar scrub! Doesn't that sound relaxing? Scrub your body with some citrus! Free shipping too! You can't beat that!

Harvest Moon bath fizzies just in time for All Hallows Eve;D This was made with all natural ingredients and is said to clear toxins from the body! It sure looks wonderful!

ASHLEY: How long have you been an artist?

KINDY: I have been an artist for about 15 years and love art. I have tried many other professions and seem to always come back to my artistic talents. Painting is a huge part of my life, including drawing and jewelry making. I am also trying my hand at soap making it has become a very quick and fun thing for me and my husband is even getting in on it.


ASHLEY: If you could do anything in your lifetime, no matter how impossible, what would it be?

KINDY: I would love to have my very own shop outside of etsy where I could meet customers have them come in and enjoy my many art talents and be able to see close up how far I have come. My dream is to make $100,000 in a year and see where it goes from there.

ASHLEY: What inspires you the most?

KINDY: My family is my inspiration as I do everything I do because of them. I have a beautiful little 5 year old boy and a absolutely wonderful husband that is lately been my greatest inspiration. My husband has allowed me to grow my many business and become a huge part of getting me going and thinking about what I need to make next.

ASHLEY: Doritos or Lays?

KINDY: I have to say lays!!! Lol I like the texture what can I say lol

(Yeah! Lays rock my socks.:D)

Want to see more? Visit her shop at Eco Fairy Gifts on Etsy!

In My Own Perfect World,


DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor do I claim that the bath fizzy will take toxins from your body. I will not be held liable if they do not.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Halismi - Etsy Feature

I know how depressed you all are that I have waited sooo late to post:D Yesterday was my first day of college. Whoopee. We were released early and my dad got pissed off because he had to pick me up after dropping me off. So, he let my sister and I sit out in the heat for an hour. I got sick from said heat and slept all day. Now I'm ready for my feature and am fighting a major migraine!

Today's feature is Halismi! Her real name is Sasa and she lives in Athens, Greece! That is awesome! She is an amazing sculpter and I am extremely jealous of her mad skillage. She needs some Harry Potter items in her shop methinks. Down with the Sparkly Vampires! ;D Oh yeah, she gives out FREE handmade pendants with most purchases from her shop.

I have to say, this is probably my favourite piece of hers. Looks how life-like Absolem is! He looks so very like Alan Rickman...except far smaller and blue...and he's a caterpillar...But all those things aside, I love how this sculpture depicts him. I can hear him saying "You're not Absolem, I'm Absolem. Stupid Girl." I've never seen a sculpture have so much life!

Sasa also does paintings! Look at how neat this is. According to her she uses Tempera paint and this is done in the "Polyptych" style which now seeing it I am rather fond of. Especially with the name of the piece "Pieces of Dream". It does give off that vibe that you are seeing pieces of a dream, doesn't it?

Well, these are just exceptionally cute! They are plant markers and are OOAK! (one of a kind). How cute is the "I need water" one? Aww! I may squee any second now. Adorable! Add some character to your garden!

The only things I know about World of Warcraft are that you need DOTS, more dots, that whelps can spawn, you need to reset agro, and you have to watch the tail swipe. I have no clue what any of that means. Anyway, this sculpture really catches my eye! It's pretty darn amazing, isn't it?

On to the groundbreaking questions. Sasa, you know what I'm talking about;D

ASHLEY: How long have you been a sculptor?

SASA: I've been sculpting for just about 4-5 months.

(Seriously?! Wow...You go girl!)
ASHLEY: If you could do anything in your lifetime, no matter how impossible, what would it be?

SASA: I would really like to discover an Everything Theory.
No, I would like someone else to discover it and then prove him wrong (muahaha)

(Hahaha!! So evil! I like it;D)
ASHLEY: What inspires you the most?

SASA: The truth is...I have no idea! I am enjoying it so much when I am sculpting or painting, that I forget to eat, to sleep, etc. I just love it, and I am always in the mood for it, so, I don't know, really!

ASHLEY: John or Kate Gosselin?

SASA: I have no idea who these guys are- my Google search says they are American TV personalities- so since I am not American, I hope I'll get excused :)

(Hahaha! Lucky you:D I wish I could say that. You get credit for having the best answer to this question.)


In My Own Perfect World,