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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giveaway: Sharing Savings With You

It's a good day for giveaways, aye? I am extremely happy about this one. It's...wait for....FOR A HARRY POTTER SCARF!

Breathe in...breathe out....I think I'm okay now. Bah, what am I saying?! I'm squeeing like a fangirl and bouncing in my chair at 5 am! That never happens! Must...have...scarf....

I will now shamelessly post images of Harry...wearing a scarf. And some other, less important people who don't have an entire book series dedicated to them. ;D

Work it.

Oh yeah, Hermione. You go girl! Where's the Gryffindor pride Ron?

The Whiney Hosepipe wearing her house scarf which is, strangely enough, not done in the actual Ravenclaw colors.

OMG He killed Harry Potter! While sporting a Gryffindor scarf, mind you.

Deadric and Ho! Cedric and Cho! There's some Ravenclaws, a Hufflepuff, and a Gryffindor in the background as well. Photobombers.

Awesome picture! The Golden Trio looks lovely, but what's up with those Slytherins Rejects from table 4?

There is actually a point to this post and that is for you to enter the giveaway here: Sharing Savings With You
and visit her shop on etsy here: RMansker!

Good luck to you all!

In My Own Perfect World,


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